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Real Call. Real Power. Real Change. 

The World Needs Disciples...

...Disciples Need Spirit-Filled Leaders

 "...All Effective Ministry And Revival Needs Spirit-filled Leaders..." - Pete Burak  

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Invest In

The Archer

Not The Arrows 

There are so many incredible tools within the church that can be used to grow as a disciple and to evangelize.

Yet, we have found that although plentiful, these tools are often ineffective.

Not because of the quality of the products, "the arrows", but because the formation of the leaders themselves, "the archers", is lacking.

We have gone "all-in" on investing in the "archer" so that once trained, s/he can take even the worst "arrow" and use it to claim ground for the Kingdom.

Are You Ready To Become A Spirit-Filled Leader?

Over 30 days, we will show you how to step into the call that has been placed on your life, how to lean into the power that lives within you and how to create real change in the world with a community of disciples who are on the journey together.

We will help you lay hold of what it means to be a Spirit-Filled Leader. Walking alongside you on the journey to Spirit-filled Leadership.

Teaching you the habits and giving you the tools to consistently abide, become, and live. Why?

A Spirit-Filled Leader ABIDES, BECOMES, LIVES


With the Father

Resting daily in the presence of the Father who unveils our primary identity as His sons and daughters. We live in an intimate relationship with radical trust in the Father's providence and with Heaven as our goal, we long to see the Father face-to-face and live to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.


  the Son

With hatred for sin, we receive the gift of passing from death to life so as to become Jesus in the world. We see to humbly wash the feet of others, suffering with and for those God has given us on our mission by making ourselves completely available to others through humble generosity, joyful charity, and unceasing gratitude.

Living in the Power

 of the Holy Spirit

Modeling  the first and most perfect Community, we seek to build the Kingdom through common rhythms of life, to embed where the Lord has placed us. Motivated by a holy zeal for souls, we accompany souls to conversion and on fire, in power and in union with the Holy Spirit, we expect God to move by providing signs and wonders, gifts, anointing and power to those who ask.

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